Published translations

Albert Bonnier: His Life and Times by Per T. Ohlsson, published by Manilla Press, 2022

Extract from Mamma by Adrian Perera published in Swedish Book Review 2020:1-2.

Stories from Ådalen. Four short stories by Maria Hamberg, Grzegorz Flakierski, Bo R Holmberg, Thérese Söderlind, and an autobiographical comic strip by Mats Jonsson translated by Mikael Weichbrodt.

Strikes, witch trials, a bridge collapse and the logging industry in the Ådalen valley in northern Sweden.

Published by Kramfors Kommun and Region Västernorrland.

Love/War by Ebba Witt-Brattström, published by Nordisk Books, 2017.

A “he said, she said” novel of marital breakdown, reconciliation and disillusionment told entirely in dialogue.

Extract and introduction to The Way to Storm Skerry by Anni Blomqvist, published in Swedish Book Review 2017:2

Iceland 1615, A Whaler’s Tale by Tapio Koivukari, a historical Finnish YA novel about Basque whalers in Iceland, published by Euskal Erria Press, 2015.

Extract from Onneli and Anneli and the Go-to-Sleep Clock by Marjatta Kurenniemi, published in First Lines, volume 4/2015

Extract from Jagger Jagger by Frida Nilsson, published in Swedish
Book Review 2015:2

Meeting Cookbook, tips for successful meetings, Erik Matsson, Ordrum AB

Can you see the beacon, boy – The story of Österströms Rederi AB, 2006 (with Stuart Tudball)

The Eyewitness Travel Guide to Sweden, Dorling Kindersley, 2005 (with Stuart Tudball)

Fourteen Swedish Embassies built 1959-99, Swedish National Property Board, Byggförlaget 2001 (with Stuart Tudball)

Munch at the Munch Museum, Oslo, Scala Books/The Munch Museum, Oslo, 1998 (from Norwegian)